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Εκθέσεις διακόσμησης, Gala, Galleries, Σεμινάρια και Συνέδρια στην Ελλάδα και σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Όλα τα άρθρα, σχετικά με τα Upcoming της διακόσμησης της τέχνης και του πολιτισμού

24 Πε
01:00 Design Thinking Crash Course
Design Thinking Crash Course
Ιαν 24 @ 01:00 – 04:00
Tackling tough problems at work is something everyone can relate to—from gaining a better understanding of your stakeholders to coming up with and selling innovative ideas. Design thinking is a creative and collaborative methodology to help your team solve those challenges. In this 3-hour, fast-paced introduction to Design Thinking, we’ll collaboratively tackle a problem using the Design Thinking process. You’ll leave with a basic understanding of how to conduct user interviews, generate ideas with groups, sketch your solutions, and how to tell the world about your concept. If you’ve never been out to one of our events before this is a great introduction to Design Thinking as well as to our teaching style. From beginning to end this will be highly interactive and one thing we can promise is that you will meet some really incredible people. Κοινοποιήστε:Πατήστε για κοινοποίηση στο Facebook(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Κλικ για να το μοιραστείτε στο Twitter(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Κλικ για να το μοιραστείτε στο Pinterest(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Click to share on WhatsApp(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Κλικ για να το μοιραστείτε στο Tumblr(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Κλικ για αποστολή μέσω email(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)Κλικ για εκτύπωση(Ανοίγει σε νέο παράθυρο)
01:30 But First, Me
But First, Me
Ιαν 24 @ 01:30 – 04:00
On January 23rd, join us for our first 2019 event “But First, Me”, when three amazing mental health and wellness coaches will take us on a journey to a more balanced, fulfilling life. Oh, and there will be a private shopping therapy provided by One Kings Lane because we know shopping always helps. First we will open with a discussion around BURNOUT, how to recognize it and how to prevent it. Then we will split into groups and have smaller workshops with one of the speakers.  PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING A TICKET: To register for this event select a workshop session ticket from the dropdown menu. You can only attend one session. If you cannot attend after you purchased a ticket please do let us know so we can fill your spot with someone on the wait list. If you are on the waitlist and tickets become available you will be placed in the workshop session that has availability. We cannot accomodate walk-ins for this event. Please arrive promptly. WORKSHOP SESSIONS Social Media Anxiety with therapist Rebecca Kronman: A discussion about how social media can play a role in creative burnout. We’ll share techniques on taking control of technology rather than letting it take control of you. Food and Brain Performance with nutrition coach Erin Assenza:  Learn how food can impact your performance and creativity and which foods can best fuel your brain. Attendees will also receive an opportunity to connect one-on-one with Erin in a complimentary discovery session.  Ayurvedic Self-Care with yoga psychotherapist Suzy Daren: Learn the basic principles...

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