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Εκθέσεις διακόσμησης, Gala, Galleries, Σεμινάρια και Συνέδρια στην Ελλάδα και σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Όλα τα άρθρα, σχετικά με τα Upcoming της διακόσμησης της τέχνης και του πολιτισμού

Beginners Furniture Painting Workshop
Δεκ 2 @ 11:30 – 17:30

For many years, Ann Cope has been transforming thousands of pieces of furniture to great acclaim for clients and customers all over the Country. Her Colchester based business “ShabbyAnd…” is the leading supplier of Autentico Chalk Paint and Ann’s workshops are regularly oversubscribed.

All our courses are run at the “ Furniture Painting School” founded by Ann Cope. They are run in a fun relaxed but informative atmosphere where you are bound to make friends.

If you’ve never experienced using chalk paint or you just want to brush up on your skills then this is the workshop for you……

You’ll be working with Ann who runs the workshops in a very informal friendly environment. Ann has a flare for furniture painting, is Autentico trained and has many skills, hints and tips to pass onto you.

All of our workshops are great fun and are great to share with a friend or a family member!

Our workshops don’t end once you leave………
By the end of a workshop you’ll leave feeling confident to paint your own furniture with the knowledge that Ann and her team are always on hand to offer help and advice. 

What’s involved and how does it work:

You’ll need to bring a small piece of furniture. We recommend no larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50 cm, don’t worry if you haven’t got anything suitable as we have pieces available from £5.00. Wear some old clothes and it may be useful to bring a notepad and pen. We’ll supply aprons.

Party bookings can also be taken but the format may change a bit. 

Throughout the workshop you’ll be learning skills and techniques on a board and then using these on your own piece of furniture to give it a new look and lease of life ready to take home with you. 

Watching paint dry…
Autentico chalk paint dries so quickly but while it is Ann will be showing you how to use different paint and finishing techniques and of coarse you’ll need time for those sticky cakes, biscuits, tea, coffee and a light lunch!

What we will cover:
• The origins of Autentico chalk paint
• How to prepare your piece of furniture
• Why you don’t need to sand your furniture
• Equipment you will need
• How to use Autentico chalk paints effectively 
• How to create a two colour layering technique
• Various ways to distress your piece of furniture 
• How to create special effects using Autentico’s various waxes
• Tips on how to work with different woods and there finishes
• And so much more…

You would have had a tremendously enjoyable experience on the way through, Ann is determined that the classes will be lots of fun as well as very fulfilling as you acquire all of the skills, learning and techniques that she has picked up over the years. The “Furniture Painting School” offers a wide variety of workshops, so please take a look at the other courses available.

Stuff we have to point out to you….
We have the right to cancel a workshop if we do not have enough participants. We will give you at least 3 days notice if we need to cancel. Should we need to cancel we will offer you an alternative date or a full refund.

All fees have to be paid at the time of booking. If you need to cancel your place for any reason please give us 3 days notice to rebook or for a refund. After this time we will not be able to refund your money unless we can rebook your place.

Εισαγωγή στις Θεραπείες μέσω Τέχνης (Art Therapies)
Δεκ 2 @ 17:00 – 21:00

Εισαγωγή στις Θεραπείες μέσω Τέχνης (Art Therapies)
«Τέχνη είναι ο μαγικός καθρέφτης που αντανακλά τα αόρατα όνειρά σου σε ορατές εικόνες» (Μπέρναρντ Σω, 1925). Στις θεραπείες μέσω τέχνης (art therapies) το μέσο της τέχνης αναδεικνύεται ως θεραπευτικό εργαλείο, δίνεται δηλαδή έμφαση στην έκφραση μέσω της τέχνης και όχι στο καλλιτεχνικό αποτέλεσμα. Οι θεραπείες μέσω τέχνης επικεντρώνονται στη δημιουργική διαδικασία και στην τέχνη ως κύριο μέσο έκφρασης, που συνήθως παρουσιάζει μεγαλύτερη εκφραστικότητα από την χρήση του λόγου και για αυτό προάγουν την χαλάρωση, την αυτο-διερεύνηση, την ψυχική και πνευματική ισορροπία. Επομένως, η μορφή αυτή θεραπείας ενδείκνυται για άτομα με επικοινωνιακές δυσκολίες, καθώς φαίνεται να είναι ιδιαίτερα αποτελεσματική για άτομα με αυτισμό, χαμηλό νοητικό δυναμικό, διαπολιτισμικές διαφορές, αλλά και για άτομα που είναι ιδιαίτερα εγκεφαλικοί τύποι και δεν μπορούν να εκφράσουν τα συναισθήματά τους μόνο με τον λόγο. Σε αντιδιαστολή με την τάση ψυχολογικοποίησης των καταστάσεων μέσα σε ένα τεχνοκρατικό πλαίσιο, η τάση δημιουργικότητας σε ένα ανθρωπιστικό κλίμα στρέφει την προσοχή μας σε εικόνες και ιστορίες, που πηγάζουν εκ βαθέων και είναι ένα κάλεσμα για να επαναπροσεγγίσουμε την εμπειρία μας με έναν φαντασιακό τρόπο.

-Εισαγωγή στις art therapies & σύντομη ιστορική αναδρομή
-Θεωρητικό υπόβαθρο για τη σχέση τέχνης- θεραπείας
-Εικαστική θεραπεία
-Βιωματικές ασκήσεις

Το σεμινάριο στοχεύει στην περιγραφή των σύγχρονων τεχνικών θεραπείας μέσω της τέχνης, στην κατανόηση της προσέγγισής τους και στην ανάλυση του τρόπου με τον οποίο επιτυγχάνεται η θεραπεία.

Το σεμινάριο απευθύνεται σε επαγγελματίες ψυχικής υγείας, γιατρούς, νοσηλευτές, παιδαγωγούς, ειδικούς παιδαγωγούς, καλλιτέχνες και δασκάλους τεχνών.

Ολιγομελή τμήματα
Βιωματικός χαρακτήρας εισήγησης
Παροχή βεβαίωσης συμμετοχής & υλικού/ σημειώσεων
Κόστος συμμετοχής: 40 ευρώ (35 ευρώ για ανέργους, φοιτητές & ΑΜΕΑ)

ΕΙΣΗΓΗΤΗΣ: Μαρία Σαββίδου, Ψυχολόγος Α.Π.Θ.- Σύμβουλος Σταδιοδρομίας

Η Μαρία Σαββίδου είναι ψυχολόγος, απόφοιτη του Αριστοτελείου Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλονίκης και η ειδίκευσή της είναι η Συμβουλευτική Σταδιοδρομίας. Κατέχει επίσης τον βασικό τίτλο δασκάλας yoga και την περίοδο αυτή ξεκίνησε σεμιναριακή εκπαίδευση στις Νευροεπιστήμες. Συνεργάζεται βασικά με παιδιά και φοιτητές, εφαρμόζοντας κυρίως ψυχοεκπαιδευτικές και ψυχοκοινωνικές παρεμβάσεις. Έχει εργαστεί σε ιδιωτικές δομές που σχετίζονται με μαθησιακές δυσκολίες, όπως είναι το dyagnosis.gr στη Θεσσαλονίκη. Στο παρελθόν έχει εργαστεί και στο δημόσιο τομέα, όπως είναι ο Συμβουλευτικός Σταθμός Νέων στην Κοζάνη, όπως επίσης και σε πολλές παιδικές κατασκηνώσεις. Ακόμη, έχει εργαστεί ως ερευνήτρια σε εκπαιδευτικά κέντρα και φροντιστήρια, βοηθώντας τους φοιτητές στη διεκπεραίωση κοινωνικών ερευνών. Η ίδια έχει επίσης δημοσιεύσει έρευνες σε ελληνικά και αγγλικά επιστημονικά περιοδικά.

Κυριακή, 02/12, 17.00- 21.00

ΚΡΑΤΗΣΕΙΣ ΣΤΟ: 6977377535

E-mail: kentroprolipsis.thessaloniki@gmail.com

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Interior Design for Profit – December 2018 / Leeds
Δεκ 4 @ 10:45 – 19:00

Interior Design for Profit Workshop is aimed at property investors and professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and produce innovative and exciting property interiors. 

This Interior Design course is unique, in that it is focused on the investment property sector. In an adult learning environment students learn a design and project management system that is easy to digest, apply and individualise.   

The workshop has been developed by Julian Maurice of Icon Living Ltd. Julian has over 20-years experience working within the Private Sector Landlord industry. Julian has successfully completed 100’s of building refurbishment and furnishing projects for private landlords, small and large-scale property developers, hotels, and other businesses. 

More recently Julian has been investing in his own property portfolio and applies the experiences gained into the training. 

This workshop has a track record of success in unlocking people’s creative potential, which has led many to increase the values of their investment property projects. 

Students learn a set of core Design Principles which are then applied across the entire design and refurbishment process. On completion of the workshop, students will have learned the skills needed to systematically assess a project, create logical layout plans and instruct contractors. Students will also understand how to confidently work with colours,  materials & furnishings. 

Included in the workshop price is an accompanying set of 18 videos covering all of the workshop content and more. These can be reviewed when needed so that knowledge remains fresh. Also included is a comprehensive Interior Design Guide, giving design and furnishing specifications as well as refurbishment hints and tips. 

Ongoing support is available for free via a dedicated Facebook group, the Icon Living Alumni Forum. There is an active and supportive community and Julian runs property clinics every week where customers can book in free consultations online. 

The workshop consists of the following content:


1.1 Differentiation
1.2 Market positioning
1.3 Market Research

2.1 Project Assessment
2.2 Site Notes (Ohio system)
2.3 Layout planning
2.3 Instructing contractors / Due Diligence
2.4 Site admin

3.1 Principles of Good Design
3.2 The 3-step Interior Theming System
3.3 Colour sampling system
3.4 Working with & co-ordinating materials

4.1 Furnishing
4.2 Staging
4.3 Photography

Carvery lunch and refreshments are included in the ticket price.

The venue is 2-minutes walk from Leeds Central Train Station 

Design Engineering December Lecture
Δεκ 4 @ 20:00 – 22:00

ROLI has embarked on an adventurous journey aiming to revolutionise and democratise music creation processes. Interface design and technologies have played an instrumental role in taking the company forward towards this vision. Ning Xu, ROLI Head of Research and Innovation will share some thoughts and stories about the company’s journey so far and what he think matters the most for innovative human-machine interface design.
Ning grew up in mainland China.

INK Miami Art Fair | 2018
Δεκ 5 @ 17:00 – Δεκ 9 @ 22:00

The 13th Annual


Modern & Contemporary Works on Paper

December 5 -9 | 2018

Premier Sponsor | AXA XL

Preview Breakfast: Wednesday, December 5 | 9AM – 11AM

VIP Pulp Party: Thursday, December 6 | 7PM – 10PM

Join us for a uniquely engaging art experience! The INK Miami Art Fair transforms the historic Suites of Dorchester hotel into distinctive art galleries, surrounded by a verdant and tranquil courtyard. Visitors are invited to explore our many galleries offering a wide range of works on paper including new and noteworthy editions!

The INK Miami Art Fair is held annually in December during Art Basel Miami Beach. The Fair is unique among Miami’s fairs for its focus on modern and contemporary works on paper by internationally renowned artists. The INK Miami Art Fair has distinguished itself by the quality of its works and exhibitors, as well as its lush open-air courtyard, with surrounding suites transformed into uniquely defined gallery spaces. The Fair is sponsored by the IFPDA and exhibitors are selected for their outstanding ability to offer collectors a diverse survey of 20th century masterworks and just-published editions by leading contemporary artists. Since its founding in 2006, the Fair has attracted a loyal following among museum curators and committed collectors of works on paper.

List of 2018 Exhibitors: 

Brand X Editions, Long Island City, NY | Childs Gallery Boston, MA | Durham Press Durham, PA | GraphicStudio/USF Tampa FL | Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art Miami, FL | Jim Kempner Fine Art New York, NY | Mixografia® Los Angeles, CA | Stoney Road Press Dublin, Ireland | Susan Teller Gallery New York, NY | Tandem Press Madison, WI | Thomas French Fine Art Fairlawn, OH 

INK Invitational  | Hamilton – Selway Fine Art W Hollywood, CA | Pele Prints St Louis, MO | 
TAG Fine Arts London, UK | Upsilon Gallery New York, NY

Fair Hours:

Wednesday, December 5 | 9AM – 5PM

Thursday, December 6 – Saturday, December 8 | 10AM – 8PM

Sunday, December 9 | 10AM – 3PM

Red Dot Miami | Spectrum Miami 2018 Contemporary Art Shows
Δεκ 6 @ 01:00 – Δεκ 10 @ 00:00

Red Dot Miami, Spectrum Miami 2018
December 5–9, 2018
Wynwood Arts District

Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami will take place in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, alongside the Latin American art fair Pinta Miami. Taking place during the powerhouse Miami Art Week with top crowd-pulling shows like Art Basel, Art Miami, Scope, and Miami Project, Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami provide dealers with access to thousands of innovative works and bring top talent to Miami’s artsiest ’hood.

Wednesday, December 5, 6 PM – 10 PM

Thursday, December 6, 1 PM – 9 PM
Friday, December 7, 1 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, December 8,  1 PM – 9 PM
Sunday, December 9, 12 PM – 5 PM


ART LABS: Special curated projects by several leading Miami-based art institutions and alternative spaces within the show.
LAUNCHPAD: Exhibition featuring the work of an unrepresented solo-artist.
SPOTLIGHT: Solo-artist/designers exhibitions selected by Redwood Media Group curator.


VIP OPENING NIGHT: Join us for the Spectrum Miami & Red Dot Miami opening night preview, featuring innovative contemporary art from over 100 galleries & artists, drinks, DJ and more.

ART TALKS: Focused on collecting, the acquisition of art, and conversations with artists and regional art leaders.

ART TALKS: Focused on collecting, the acquisition of art, and conversations with artists and regional art leaders.

TBD: Schedule coming soon

Marketing and PR Workshop for Interior Designers
Δεκ 6 @ 12:00 – 18:00
Business, Design & Technology Conference 2018
Δεκ 6 @ 17:00 – 23:00

Business, Design & Technology 2018


SMPLCT Lab presents Business, Design & Technology Conference on December 6, 2018 at Centre for Social Innovation. The conference is a rich, immersive, thought-provoking experience dedicated to exploring the essential role that entrepreneurship, design & technology play in social and economic development of our society and in creating innovative change.


At Business, Design & Technology Conference, you’ll learn, connect, grow and promote social impact at the same time. You’ll mingle with thought leaders, industry pioneers, and your peers from across the country. The conference will take place over five energizing hours filled with dynamic keynotes, panelists, and networking opportunities. And, you’ll depart knowing that you have also contributed to entrepreneurship ecosystem in NYC. 


Come support New York’s vibrant entrepreneurial economy & celebrate the spirit & global impact of business, design & technology on the world. 



Date Thursday, December 6, 2018

Time 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Venue Centre for Social Innovation NYC

PULSE Miami Beach 2018
Δεκ 6 @ 17:00 – Δεκ 10 @ 00:00
NADA Miami 2018
Δεκ 6 @ 21:00 – Δεκ 10 @ 00:00

The 16th edition of NADA Miami will take place December 6–9, 2018 at Ice Palace Studios, located at 1400 North Miami Avenue. 

NADA Miami continues to showcase the best of emerging contemporary art, with 125 exhibitors representing 43 cities from 23 different countries, 37 first time exhibitors, 64 NADA Member galleries, and 26 project spaces.

Proceeds raised from NADA Miami ticket sales will fund the NADA Acquisition Gift for PAMM, an acquisition gift for the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s permanent collection; and the NADA International Gallery Prize, an initiative supporting first-time exhibitors traveling internationally to exhibit at NADA Miami in 2019.

Wynwood Shop – ART BASEL 2018
Δεκ 6 @ 22:00 – Δεκ 10 @ 04:00

Get ready for the best event of the year!!! – ART BASEL 2018 – ART – FASHION – PHOTOGRAPHY – DRINKS.

Wynwood Shop will be hosting artists & brands from all over the world at one location. Join us to celebrate art and experience the best in Wynwood. Many Wynwood pioneers will be exhibiting their pieces exclusively at Wynwood Shop. Come meet with Cecilia Freire, Redd, Claudia LaBianca, Dennis Ouch and more. Also, see the latest jewelry and clothing collections from local brands.

Starting December 6th and ending on December 9th. 

Thank you for your constant support!

Startup Weekend Thessaloniki
Δεκ 7 @ 18:30 – Δεκ 9 @ 21:00

For all event details, please visit our website. Any questions, please email the team at: thessaloniki@startupweekend.org
About Techstars Startup Weekend: Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs.  Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Techstars Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos.

History of Design Symposium 2018
Δεκ 11 @ 20:00 – 23:30

Welcome to this year’s History of Design Symposium, presented by  graduating students of the History of Design research MA at the Royal College of Art and the V&A Museum. The symposium is an event through which researchers will present their thesis, and explore design history within interconnected themes such as materiality and hybridity.

5.45 – 6.00pm    Registration : Secretariat Gate
6.00 – 7.45pm    Themed Panel Discussion : Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre
7.45 – 9.30pm 

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