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Μαΐ 24 @ 10:00 – 19:00



ore 9:00 presentazione deI prodottI e delle caratteristiche

ore 9:30 dimostrazione delle tecniche di posa

ore 11:00 coffe break

ore 11:20 pratica assistita con l’istruttore

ore 13:00 buffet

ore 14:00 pratica assistita con l’istruttore

ore 17:30;domande e risposte

ore 18:00 chiusura giornata

Tutti i partecipanti riceveranno: – attestato di partecipazione – catalogo e campionari HEXIS – T-Shirt Hexis – Buono sconto del valore di 50,00 €

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Ιούν 24 @ 18:00 – Ιούν 29 @ 03:00

This 5 day / 40 Hour course is specifically designed for Crime Prevention Officers, Community Oriented Policing Officers or any other personnel charged with Crime Prevention duties. This course is designed to give the student the fundamental knowledge regarding the theory, history and basic concepts of CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. 

Crime Prevention Design Strategies will be discussed for parks, schools, high-rise buildings and various kinds of residential developments. This course will highlight the developing influence of law enforcement agencies in the architecture and design of various facilities with a goal of preventing crime and reducing law enforcement calls for service. Students will conduct a complete 2 day CPTED survey.


The History and Basic Elements of CPTED
“Designing Out Crime” Strategies | Conducting a CPTED Survey 
Lighting for Safety and Crime Prevention
Planning, Zoning and CPTED
Designs for ‘Walk able’ Neighborhoods
Real v. Symbolic Barriers
Landscaping, Fencing, Vegetation and Interior Walls
Report Writing and CPTED | Site Plans for CPTED Review | Case Studies

Students will participate in several practical exercises in which they utilize the principles of CPTED in the actual review of various site plans and then engage in the presentation and examination of their projects.

*Approved Course by the NICP. Earn 40 hrs. of credit towards your certification as a CPTED Professional.

CA POST Certified Plan IV Course | 7290-31312-18005

Ιούν 27 @ 19:00 – Ιούλ 3 @ 22:00

This Expo intends to bring together world-class Interior designers from all over the world to showcase different custom-made design concepts proposed to be installed at on-going building projects EITHER RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL or CORPORATE ESTABLISHMENT..
The Expo will feature representatives of over 400 apartment owners who intend to install the designs exhibited at the expo.
Design coupons available vary from £3000 to  over £10,000 for interior designers whose designs get approved and warehouse.

Anime Expo 2019 Registration
Ιούλ 5 @ 04:00 – Ιούλ 8 @ 01:00
Anime Expo 2019 Registration

Welcome to the Anime Expo 2019 Registration!

Anime Expo, also known as “AX”, is the largest Japanese popular culture event in North America, and will be held at the Los Angeles convention center July 4 – 7, 2019. For the latest information about the Anime Expo, please visit our website at: Anime-Expo.org


Badge Mailing Starts June 2019! 

Buy your badges early so you can take advantage of badge mailing!  For the convenience of our attendees, Anime Expo will ship badges to orders within the U.S. & Canada.    

Badges are shipped to only address per order, so be sure to put the SAME shipping address for each attendee when purchasing tickets. For more information, see below. 



Registration Policies 


Cancellation Policy

By registering for an Anime Expo badge, you agree not to sell, trade, transfer, or share your comp code, email confirmation, or badge. In the event that the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) determines in its sole discretion that you have violated this policy, SPJA can cancel your badge(s) and keep any money paid by you. Confirmations and/or badges that have been sold or provided by anyone other than SPJA will not be honored.

You must wear and display your badge at all times while onsite during Anime Expo. All badges are the property of SPJA and must be relinquished to SPJA upon request. SPJA reserves the right to refuse admission, service, and cancel your badge at SPJA’s sole discretion without liability.

You must register an individual name for each badge and each name must match a valid government-issued photo ID. If SPJA determines you have purchased more than one badge in your name for any day, SPJA has the right to cancel your duplicate badge(s) and issue you a refund less the processing fee.


Refund and Transfer Policy

All badges are non-transferable to Anime Expo 2020.

Badges Purchased Before March 31, 2019

Refund requests for Anime Expo 2019 badges must be received within 30 days of the purchase date. All refund requests for badges purchased in March 2019 must be received by March 31, 2019.  Name changes must also be made by March 31, 2019. 

Badges Purchased After March 31, 2019

Badges purchased after March 31, 2019 are non-refundable, non-transferable.

All refund requests must be sent via email with your full name and order confirmation number to registration@anime-expo.org.

SPJA reserves the right to change the Refund and Transfer Policy at any time without notification.


Upgrade and Downgrade Policy 

You can upgrade your (1-Day to 4-Day) badge by sending an email to registration@anime-expo.org. If your badge has already shipped or it is after March 31, 2019, you must go to the Registration counter to process the upgrade onsite. Certain restrictions may apply.

Downgrades are not permitted.  However, you may request a refund for your badges if it is within 30 days of your purchase date, or, if purchased in March 2019, by March 31, 2019. See the Refund and Transfer Policy for more details.


Badge Mailing Policy

Anime Expo will ship 4-Day, 4-Day Child, 1-Day, Pre-Show, Premier Fan, and Artist Alley badges purchased between July 9, 2018 through 12:00 PM PT June 11, 2019 within the United States (excluding minor outlying islands) and Canada. Badge mailing will start in early May 2019. Premier Fan badges will be mailed out in early June 2019. Badges will not be re-shipped under any circumstances. 

All badges purchased in the same order will be mailed out to only one address.  Be sure to put the SAME shipping address for each registrant when filling out the purchase form. The last day to change your shipping address is April 25, 2019.

Shipping fees are non-refundable and include shipping, handling, and badge activation. 

Onsite Badge Pick-Up Policy

International attendees and attendees who purchased badges after the mailing cut-off date must pick up badges onsite.  Each registrant must pick up their own badge. Upon arrival, bring your registration confirmation email and valid government issued photo ID.  This should match the registrant’s name/information in order to pick up your badge.  Your registration confirmation is also available on the Eventbrite mobile app.

All attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in order to pick up a badge. All children 13 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their time at the event.


Age Restriction Policy 

Purchase a badge appropriate for the child’s age by the first day of attendance of Anime Expo 2019. 

Children ages 0 – 5 are free and not required to register for a badge.

Children ages 6 – 13 must purchase a child badge for $35 (4-Day badge).

Children ages 14+ must purchase a 4-Day or 1-Day general attendee badge.

Attendees age 13 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 for the duration of their time at the event. Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to pick up their badge. We recommend attendees ages 14-17 have a parent or guardian close by for the duration of the event.

Any programming designated 18+ will require attendees to show a valid photo ID in order to get an 18+ wristband at any Info Services booth in order to gain admittance.  Please see our program room policies for more information.


Lost Badge Policy 

Lost badges are subject to a reprint fee. To purchase a badge reprint, head over to the Registration Assistance counter and we will be happy to help you.



Premier Fan Badges

If you are purchasing more than one Premier Fan badge, please provide a unique email for each Premier Fan registration to receive updates and information for AX 2019.

Visit our Premier Fan Page for more information using the link below. 


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