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An interior design masterclass that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create your stylish home.


The Secret Design Party is an exclusive interior design masterclass that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create your own stylish, organised and happy space.

Brought to you by professional interior designer, Gwendoline Alderton, this masterclass was created especially for you because 90% of women have said they’re unhappy with their homes even after you’ve redecorated.

The most common disappointments include:

1) you’ve gone over budget and made expensive mistakes

2) you feel overwhelmed by colour so you play it safe and your room is bland

3) there’s too much choice and you’ve bought the wrong things

4) your design doesn’t go to plan so it’s not the room of your dreams

5) you don’t know where to start so your room is left looking dated or unfinished

The Secret Design Party will share designer insights that give you the expertise needed to create your perfect space that’s within budget and always looks amazing. This interior design masterclass will show you a different approach of rapid design. You’ll be amazed how simple and effective it can be to create your dream space.


“I very much enjoyed the Secret Design Party. If I was describing the Secret Design Party to my friends then I’d say, if you’re looking to decorate or redesign your home, it’s essential for you to attend.”

Sharon (Summer SDP 2018)

The Secret Design Party will help and guide you if you’re:

Planning the makeover of a room or an extension of your home.

You’re excited about the changes you’re going to make but want the confidence that everything will go to plan and look amazing.

“I have to say that I was terrified at the thought of decorating my Georgian apartment. I didn’t know where to start. The Secret Design Party was educational, informative and it’s going to help me to really enjoy the whole experience. I’ve gone from dreading it, to being absolutely delighted and excited about the design.”

Hazel (Summer SDP 2018)

Struggling with the makeover of your home.

You’re part way through an interior project and feeling overwhelmed with the final touches. Your budget is dwindling fast and you can’t afford to make costly mistakes. You need to know how to bring your design together quickly and successfully.

“The Secret Design Party is an eye opener. I’m doing works in the house and I wanted confirmation to get it right. My favourite takeaway is the toolkit which is easy to use. It’s given me the confidence to go bold and try something new. I now have the right toolkit to make sure it’s not going to be a big mistake.”

Geraldine Zolynski(Spring SDP 2018)

Moving into a new home.

You’ve bought a new home with a blank canvas or someone else’s style and you want to know how to stamp your own personality on the space.

“I came to the Secret Design Party because I’m starting to decorate my first home, and figuring out what style I want to create throughout the house. I’ve learnt about colour and styling, as well as how to create a coherent feeling throughout my house. I’ve come away learning so much and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with their home.”

Laura Milligan (Spring SDP 2018)


Limited to small groups, this interactive interior design masterclass has been fashioned exclusively to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to create your stylish, organised and healthy space, within budget.

In particular the masterclass will focus on the three main concerns of colour, layout and design.

How to choose the perfect colour for any room

How to create a practical sense of space

How to create a successful design that suits your personality, your style and your lifestyle

The interior design masterclass includes:

Designer Colour Quiz: an effective tool to quickly and easily identify the right colour scheme for any space, so you never feel overwhelmed with colour again.

Space Planning: an understanding of room layout and space planning so that you appreciate furniture arrangements and space optimisation when designing a room.

Mood Board: an understanding of how to create a successful interior for any room in your home. How to pull together a cohesive design with the aid of a mood board and how to then translate the design into reality.

Secret Steps: Quick, effective and easy to follow steps that will help you understand where to start and how to create your successful design.

Designer Insights: interior design secrets, expert tips and nuggets of knowledge to help you think like an interior designer, particularly how to shop quickly and confidently. You’ll understand where to find the perfect items and how to bring them together into a cohesive design with style.

Design Skills: practical activities to boost your confidence and hone your new interior design skills.

Q&A Session: Gwendoline will answer your personal interior design questions, sharing her expert advice and wealth of knowledge.


Colour Scheme Finder to help you successfully choose the perfect colour for any room in your home

A Room Layout that shows how to plan your space so that it’s practical, spacious and organised

Mood Board that is a concept design for your room, reflecting you and your personal style

Design Toolkit packed with templates, handouts and information that continues to support you on your interior design journey

Action Plan with clear steps for the next stage to implement your design successfully

A new approach to interior design consisting of expert skills and design knowledge that’s quick to apply and easy to implement with stunning results

Access to the Secret Design Party Facebook group for ongoing discussion and design inspiration

A Secret Finds goody bag that includes Gwendoline’s bestselling interior design book ‘A Home to Cherish’


“I came to the Secret Design Party because I’m starting my bedroom from scratch and wanted help to create a design. I’m also hoping to get into a career as an interior designer and wanted more information. My favourite takeaway is that I came away with lots of notes and ideas. Bouncing ideas off other people was really useful. I would describe the Secret Design Party as very fun and helpful, definitely worth it. I’ll use everything to design my space.”

Anna Smith (Summer SDP 2018)

“I came to the Secret Design Party to get some useful information for redesigning my home. The pack that was given out on the day was really useful and my favourite takeaway.”

Sharon (Summer SDP 2018)

“I’m interested in interior Design and I though it would be really useful to get some tips on how to look after my house and how to develop it. My favourite takeaway is how to use bold colour. I was a bit apprehensive how to do that but Gwendoline has given me the confidence. The secret design party is an informal and enjoyable way to learn about interior design in general.”

Paul Kyle (Summer SDP 2018)

“I came to the Secret Design Party because I have no idea about interior design and wanted to learn some of the basics. Today taught me vital information and what was really nice was the edge of emotion associated with design. I think people can take so much away from it.”

Karen Campbell (Spring SDP 2018)

“I can apply Gwendoline’s practical tips really easily to make a difference to my home without a huge overhaul, masses of time or money.”

Caroline Flanagan (Autumn SDP 2017)

“A great afternoon spent with Gwendoline where she taught us lots of strategies about interior design, and how we can make our homes more mindful, healthier, and more gorgeous.”

Jo Tocher (Autumn SDP 2017)

“I loved the intimacy of the group. Gwendoline was fascinating and re-sparked enthusiasm for my home.”

Dr. Cath Spencer-Smith (Autumn SDP 2017)

“I’ve gained a different approach and come out with a whole range of interior ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of by myself.”

Cory Cook (Autumn SDP 2017)

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